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John Chamberlain

Gump Pasaganon

Teesid Korsrilabutr

Tong Sarochinee Paweenawat

Tong Sarochinee is passionate in Blockchain, decentralized business, and governance. One of Tong missions is to be a catalyst for growing a sustainable Blockchain ecosystem in Thailand, by creating a not-for-profit community that allows everyone to share, learn, and collaborate.

Teesid has experience developing web applications and backend services for several companies in North America as a full stack engineer. Before joining Instasim as the CTO, he has help Braincloud Learning launch its early stages of the product. Having been working with two startups, he is familiar with coming up with ad-hoc solutions and frugal innovations needed to get the job done.

Gumparnat believes that the blockchain and smart contract technology will revolutionize everything the same way that the Internet and world wide web did 2 decades ago

In September 2017 John learnt of EOS and was instantly able to relate to the projects potential and by November formed an EOS community meetup group and started to engage publically with the wider EOS community focusing on EOSIO software.


Pisuth Daengthongdee

Pisuth is a blockchain developer with extensive skills on IoT and Chatbot since 2017. Prior that time, he was working in media industry for 8 years in Thailand experienced using Python, system administration and enterprise systems integration. He also received two international blockchain dev awards in 2018 and has strong passion on blockchain technology and distributed economy.


The Team